Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Spotlight #9

So, I am flying back from Seattle today, where Mike will meet me at the airport for the second leg of my travels.   Crescent City, here we come!

I am writing this a week ago - so I am assuming that I have had a wonderful time with my friend Tracey.   It's possible I have taken lots of fun pictures on my trip, which I may have posted here.  


I have been trying to upload my photos to my blog directly from my ipad, but apparently, technology hates me.   So, instead, I have created a flickr set of photos from the trip.   Check them out here.   These are just iphone pics.  Once I get home and unload the camera card, I'll post more.  Enjoy!

I was not expecting the enormous amount of daylight here in Seattle.  Besides the fact that it was sunny and beautiful the entire time I was here, (while my home state was pelted with a tropical storm) the sun doesn't set until about 10:30.   And it rises around 4:45.   That's AM, people!    When your body feels like 10:30 pm is really 6:30 and 4:45 am is really 7:45, it really messes you up!   I did not sleep much at all in Washington.    That's okay though, it left me with more time to do fun things.   Like go to Pike's Place Market and Pioneer Square.   

I took my K with me everywhere.  It was nice to have Kenley on my trip with me.   

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