Friday, June 28, 2013

Boston Bound

I am caught up in a whirlwind of traveling this summer.   Tomorrow, I am embarking on yet another trip.   Thanks to the generosity of my parents and my little sister, I am heading up to Boston for a few days.  Two things are exciting about this event.

First, I will get to spend some time with my sister in a great, big city.  We haven't had any time together since the week Kenley died, and that week was filled with shock and sadness.  Everyone was in pure survival mode.  It will be so good to see her when we are not so full of sorrow.  My sister and I have been close off and on for our entire lives.  Growing up, four years separated us, but it might as well have been a lifetime.  When you are sixteen, you don't know what to do with a twelve year old, except yell at her for wearing your clothes without permission.   When I went off to college, we finally both saw each other as human beings - and not as the World's Greatest Annoyer.  We became extremely close throughout both of our college years.  Then, she went to med school several states away, and distance and stress levels took a toll on our interactions, much to our regret.  We didn't have any sort of falling out - we just kind of lived our own lives for a while.  Looking back on those years, I really should have tried harder to keep her closer.   My marriage was a life event that brought us back together the way we should be.  When I got engaged, she was giddy and excited, and we planned and hashed out details together.  She flew down for the wedding and it was like old times again. We talk, we text, we joke, we conspire.   I will proudly tell you that she is my best friend.  
When Kenley died, my sister was devastated.  She still is.  It's hard to realize that my grief is not my own.  Other people share it with me.  During that week of horror, she was right by my side.  She worked with my friends and my parents to make necessary arrangements.  She got the tree memorial organized.  She was on fire.  I was humbled and honored to see her do so much for me.   She really is the very best sister anyone could ever ask for, and I am so glad that she is mine.   I am looking forward to spending time with her when we aren't both so clouded with grief.

The second reason I am excited to go to Boston is that I will get to see one of my good friends - Hunter's mom, Kelly.   I met Kelly through a mutual friend who put us in contact with each other after I lost Kenley.   Kelly quickly became the person whom I could vent to - and who would completely understand.  Our bond of loss quickly became a bond of actual friendship.  When I told Kelly about my trip to Boston, we arranged to have lunch on Sunday.  I said to her that I feel like I am meeting up with an old friend - while at the same time going on a first date, and she agreed.  I am excited to meet her in person - and to give her something special I have been hanging on to for a while.  (Surprise, Kelly!)     I know it comforts both of us to think of how Kenley and Hunter's little brothers or sisters will play together one day.

So, I am off to Boston.  I'll be back Wednesday, and I have posts scheduled through then.  I wish everyone a great weekend.  

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