Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kenley's Playlist #5

Keep Holding On 

One of my friends posted this song to my wall when we first lost Kenley to let me know I wasn't alone.   Of course, she posted the Glee version because she's weird like that, but I know she meant well.  (Oh, I have nothing against's just my natural instinct to hate things that are popular.  I've been that way since New Kids on the Block and slap bracelets.)   I had never heard this song before, and when I listened to it, I cried.  Big, fat, salty tears.   It meant so much to me that my friend, who had no idea what I could possibly have been feeling, wanted me to know that she was here for me.  She knew she couldn't do anything to make it better.  She knew she couldn't change anything.  She couldn't fix anything.  There was nothing to say other than "I'm here for you."   This song says that.   It reminds me that I have people surrounding me who love me and care for me - no matter how bad it gets.  Even though they don't understand what it's like, they are still here by my side.  That's all any of us want, really.   We don't need fancy words or grand gestures.   We just want someone to say "Hey.  I have nothing for you except my friendship - so here it is."   And that's enough.

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