In my thirst for answers, I scoured the internet for support.   Here are a few resources I found, a few blogs I enjoyed, and some great charities I support.


The MISS Foundation : this foundation offers support for grieving families.  They provide online support groups and can even help you find a support group in your area if one is available.  

The Secret Club Project:  This is a project started by a group of women who have experienced pregnancy loss.  If you are an artist, you might feel the need to contribute art.  If you are not, you might feel inspired or comforted by the art displayed here.

SHARE: Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc is based out of Missouri, but has national online resources and support.  You may be able to use their links to find a support group near you.


The first two blogs are those of my friends whom I have met along my journey.  Both women have been a huge support and a good friend.  I hope I have been able to be the same for them.

Finding My Muchness  : this wonderfully positive blog is written by a mother determined to find joy in the face of loss.
Glow in the Woods : a blog written by several authors and guest authors giving various POV about loss
Still Standing Magazine : an online magazine to support families of loss


Cherishing the Journey is a local charity from my neck of the woods.  This charity is responsible for providing memory boxes to mothers of loss in the hospital.  You can read more about them in this blog post.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a national organization.  They specialize in taking photos of your baby so you have something to remember them by.  I did not know of this charity until after we were already home from the hospital, so it was too late.  Fortunately for me, the hospital took some photos so I did not leave empty handed.  However, this service is SO important for grieving families.

The Brianna Marie Foundation is a local charity that raises money for fetal care.  Kenley's Krew ran a 5K to support this foundation on my birthday, just three weeks after we lost Kenley.   

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