Monday, March 11, 2013

Cherishing the Journey

I have been overwhelmed by the huge and sudden following of my blog.   I had no idea that my random thoughts and jagged emotions would speak to so many.  First, I must extend my thanks to everyone for their continued support and kind words.  It means a great deal to me that Mike and I are not traveling this road alone.  Second, I must use this blog's popularity for my shameless promotion of a charity close to my heart.  Cherishing the Journey is an organization based in Melbourne, Florida.  They deal with supporting families who have experienced infant loss.
When I was being prepped for surgery, my nurse asked me a strange question.   She said " Now, you are going to say no, but I am going to do it you want us to take any pictures of Kenley?"   The initial shock of that question prompted the answer she expected.  No, of course not!   How strange is that to take pictures of my child under these circumstances.   She smiled at me and said "Ok, but I want you to know I am going to do it anyway."   At that time, I was too distressed to continue to even think about it anymore.   However, later, I was so very grateful to her for those pictures.  They are all I have to remember her beautiful face.
Mothers who lose a baby at the hospitals in our county are given a Memory Box, provided by Cherishing the Journey.   My box has come to mean the world to me because it contains the only mementos I have to remember and honor my daughter.   Some of the items my box included were:  a small photo album with her pictures, the outfit they placed her in for the photos, a teddy bear, a paper of blessing with her footprints, a few locks of her hair, a framed plaster imprint of her hand print and foot print, and a few other miscellaneous items like a candle and a book of inspirational quotes.  There were also a few pamphlets on grief counseling and the book "Empty Cradle, Broken Heart", which helps people deal with the loss of a child.   
The items are purchased with funds raised by Cherishing the Journey and the boxes are assembled and delivered to hospitals by volunteers,  mostly mothers of loss themselves.   I have already contacted this charity to give them my thanks and I plan on helping them assemble boxes this summer.
If you are a giving soul - and I am sure that you are since you are following this blog - please consider giving something to Cherishing the Journey.   You can find their website by clicking here.   It doesn't have to be money.  If you are local, come volunteer with me.   If you are not, just visit their website and share their mission with others, or follow them on Facebook.   In addition to the boxes, they also offer mental and financial support for grieving families.   
This charity is important to me because they gave me what no one else could.  A way to bring my daughter home.


  1. I had never heard of this organization until you told me about it. I was honored to contribute some money and would love to donate my time as well. Let me know when yu are going to volunteer. I'd love to be a part of this.


  2. Rebecca I would love ♥ to help volunteer please let me know when. Sabrina