Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kenley's Playlist #4


I admit it.  I love Kelly Clarkson.  I have loved her since the very beginning.  She's just on this side of Bubblegum pop, so it's still okay.  There are actually a few of her songs on my playlist for many different reasons.  Originally, this song was on my Ipod from last spring when I was trying out jogging.  My mother and sister had just finished the Princess Half Marathon at Disney and had convinced me that running was fun and I should totally start training to run a marathon with them!  I wasn't convinced, but they bought me fun workout clothes and new running shoes.  I started out with the Couch to 5K app, which let me add songs to a running playlist.  I actually researched songs that had an appropriate beat per minute that would set a pace I could keep.  Stronger not only had a good beat, but also a good message.  "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."   As a runner, that's an inspiring message.   As your feet hit the pavement and your heart beats in your chest, you are exhausted, but you imagine yourself growing stronger with each step. Today, that message still rings true.  Every beat of my heart takes so much more effort than it used to.  Everything takes so much more effort than it used to, but I am not dead.  And I will push through the pain.  And I will come out of the other side...stronger.   This song is a song of determination - of the refusal to let the other side win.   It is a song that makes you punch the air in the shower.  (Not that I have ever done that)   Now, I didn't run for very long.  I ran several times a week from March to June of last year.  Then, I got pregnant and used that as an excuse to stop.  I'm not a runner, and that's ok.  But while I was running, this song pushed me forward.  It still does.

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