Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Spotlight #10

Once again, my past self is writing on behalf of my future self.  Most likely, right now, I have just wrapped up a week in New Orleans and am driving to Pensacola as you read this.   Our plan is to visit family friends tonight and then visit the Navy Museum in Pensacola on Sunday.  Hopefully, Sunday - Father's Day - won't be as emotional for me as Mother's Day.   We shall see.  After the museum, we are stopping in Panama City to see Mike's dad and his family.  We will probably continue on home Monday or Tuesday.   We are playing this part of our trip by ear.  

Anyway, I am sure I had a fabulous time in New Orleans.   I love the rich history of the city.  We booked a jazz cruise on a steam boat and a ghost tour.   I added to the Flickr set for Kenley's Travels here.  

UPDATE:  While in Seattle, I felt like I didn't quite belong.   It was beautiful, but things felt "off".  Maybe it was the chill in JUNE, or the excessive amounts of daylight, but as soon as I stepped out of the Orlando airport into the warm, muggy night, I realized what I had been missing.  Humidity.    Say what you will about hating the heat and humidity of the south, but it's all I know.   And to me, it's a piece of home.   The heaviness of it is a comfort to me.   I've struggled with this identity for quite a long time, but, friends...I have finally come to accept the truth.  I don't say "ya'll" and I don't wear camo, but I am a Southerner, through and through.  


  1. How did Mike hold ip on Fathers Day

  2. He was okay. It was a bittersweet day because he did get to spend it in a naval museum. We are both doing the best we can every day.