Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kenley's Playlist #2

Brighter Than The Sun

This song played while Mike and I walked down the aisle after we were married.   It's a happy, bouncy song full of light and joy, which is exactly what I wanted at my wedding, especially the first celebratory walk as husband and wife.  We gleefully strode down that aisle hand in hand.   The chorus of the song goes "Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart, it goes off like a gun.  Brighter than the sun.  Oh we can be the stars, falling from the sky, shining how we want.  Brighter than the sun."   To me, this is what our love was like.  We knew right away that we were the one for each other.  We both fell fast and hard - and have been falling ever since.   Our love is bright and shiny and is  - now - lighting the way in this darkness.   This song is on my playlist because it reminds me of the happiest day of my life and of the joy I felt in marrying my best friend and true love.   It makes me dance and smile - two things that are not as prevalent as they used to be.   

Here we are, Just Married.

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