Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Spotlight #7

Let's see...what have I been doing this week?   

Well, not too many tangible things, but I have still been working hard.  I've been trying to get the word out to as many people as possible about the movie Return to Zero.  I've been sharing my blog post, and as of this exact moment, it has 982 views!  Hopefully, all 982 of those people signed the pledge to see the movie.  If you haven't yet - what are you waiting for?   We have until June 20th to prove to Hollywood that there is an audience for this movie and people will see it!   If you haven't shared the post with your Facebook people, do that too!   I can't do this alone and I appreciate each and every person willing to help!

I have recently become an administrator on the Cherishing the Journey Facebook page.  I am working hard to promote their upcoming event on July 13th - Cupcakes to Cherish.   I am also in the process of organizing a fundraiser supported by the Brevard County Manatees.   Cherishing the Journey is sponsoring a baseball game on August 24th.   I'm working on organizing ticket sales and promoting that event as well.   You can check out that event here.  With each $7 ticket, Cherishing the Journey will get $4.   Feel free to hit up their Facebook page and share both events with your friends!   The box I received from them brought me such comfort when Kenley died.  Because of this charity, I have a plaster foot and hand print of my little girl.  I have a lock of her hair and pictures of her.   I have the outfit she wore in those pictures.  Without this organization, I would only have a fading memory of my daughter.   They are such a worthy cause trying to bring peace in times of pain.  Please help me support them!  

Also, Mike and I have been cleaning like mad!   His dad is coming tomorrow and has never seen our house because he lives so far away from us.  We also have some of his friends staying with us Monday night, so we are getting things in order.   We organized our closet (super scary!).  We did seventeen million loads of laundry.   We de-cluttered the office.  And we have been to Goodwill twice.   We have another load to take in a little bit.  I did a deep clean of the house last summer in preparation of getting pregnant, but it is amazing what you can collect in a year's time!  

In my cleaning endeavor, I found a bag of Barnie's Santa's White Christmas coffee.   What do you think my first thought of what to do with this treasure was?  Yep - bake cupcakes!   I tweaked a white chocolate cupcake recipe and added some coconut and caramel flavors.   For the icing, I made white chocolate icing but used brewed coffee to smooth it out as opposed to milk.   While I am not entirely happy with the slightly grainy texture of the cake, the frosting came out delightful.   I don't have pictures of them because they have not reached their final form.  I'm going to keep working on this recipe until I am happy with it.   

That pretty much sums up the week I've had.  Staying busy to stay alive.  It's what we all learn how to do.  

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