Monday, May 13, 2013

Belly Dancer

Early on in my pregnancy, I posted a Facebook status stating some things I'd never do.  One of them was that I would never take a picture of my bare belly.  I hated those pictures.   To me, even the professionally done ones looked creepy to me.  Especially the ones when people put their hands over the belly button to look like a heart.   Ugh.   They bugged me.   They actually still do, but now for different reasons.   

However, I have to admit to the world, that I did, in fact, take a picture of my bare belly while I was pregnant.  Let me tell you why, though.   We didn't call Kenley "Ninja Baby" for nothing.  She was a kicking, flipping powerhouse in there.   She was especially active when I had music going - and was partial to Broadway show tunes.   I watched Les Miserables on stage and in the theater while I was pregnant and she couldn't keep still.   What can I say?  The girl had a thing for Jean Val Jean.  I loved to feel her move.  Loved it.   It made me feel like she was happy in there and giving me a heads up on her good mood.  Sometimes, I would try to make her move around.  Les Mis always did the trick.   When I snapped this picture, I knew I was going back on my word to never do such a thing.  But, I didn't care.  I was so amused with myself and my little ninja, I wanted to document the occasion.  I didn't have the rounded headphones, just the earbuds.  So, I put one in my ear for volume control, and one in my belly button.  Besides looking adorable, it was also very practical while moving around.

There she is, jamming away in there.   I'm sad you can't see it because it was a fun time.   This is one of my favorite pictures of her.   She was about 32 weeks here and had only about four more left to dance.  But, dance she did!

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