Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It's Weight Loss Wednesday!
One of the reasons I am incorporating my weight loss journey into my blog is because I need to begin holding myself accountable. If I force myself to write about what I have been doing each week, then maybe it will motivate me to make sure I have something good to write about.
I am not proud of this fact, but I occasionally watched the Jersey Shore. Ok, I binge watched Season One when it was on Netflix two summers ago, and the only reason I didn't continue with Season Two is that Mike couldn't handle anymore tangarine colored people swapping one-night stands and fighting over beer. What can I say? I enjoy trainwrecks. Anyway, the boys on the show had a routine before going out on the town. GTL...Gym, Tan, Laundry. A bro has got to look his best, right? So, why mention this at all? To explain the topic of this post in a very weird, roundabout way. I am going to structure my posts by giving you my Setbacks, my Triumphs, and my Goals. My STG. (That's kind of like GTL, right? Welcome to my brain!)

Setbacks. We all have them, especially in something as difficult as getting healthier. We have bad habits that are tough to break and new habits that are tough to keep up with. I have been struggling finding time to work out since Mike is at work until 10:30 most nights, leaving me to get dinner and Piper organized on my own. I do sometimes try to get her into the jogging stroller, but she isn't always cooperative, and I can't get the full 40 minutes in. l suppose some time is better than no time, but I would like to try to figure out a better way. I am also struggling with drinking enough water. I have been having trouble getting through the jug. I'm so busy teaching all day, I forget to take sips. It's something I need to work on. Plus, I ate two donuts on Sunday. I dropped Mike's lunch off at the station and on the way home, my car just stopped at Dunkin Donuts. I think there's something wrong with it or something....I don't know. It just kind of drifted into the parking lot over there. And then through the drive through. And then it forced me to order donuts. Stupid car. I should get a new one.

Triumphs. It's important to remember the things we are doing right! I have been ordering water instead of soda and haven't had soda at home or school in two weeks. I've been making and eating healthy lunches and breakfasts and have increased my intake of fruits and vegetables. I did have to stop at Wendy's the other day after Grief Group due to time, but I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, which was hard to do because the bacon burger on a pretzel bun was screaming my name like those goats in that Youtube video. As a result of these good choices, I have lost two pounds in the last two weeks, so that's something.

Goals. I am going to continue to meet the goals I am already meeting and work in more exercising time somehow. I would also like to try to do some yoga at least once this week and find a class if I can. I don't exactly live in a bustling metropolis, so finding a yoga class that doesn't meet on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 is a serious task.
So, that's my week. If you're trying to get healthy too, what were some of your triumphs and setbacks? What are some of your goals to improve?
Our Facebook Group is getting off the ground. If you haven't already joined and would like to, feel free. We have 17 members so far and are welcoming more. We post meal ideas, motivational quotes, exercise encouragement, etc. If you know me, you know that I will also randomly post a meme or two. Come on over. We're pretty great!

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