Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'm Down with STG. Yeah, You Know Me!

Bonus points for you if you caught the Naughty by Nature reference in the title.

Well, another Weight Loss Wednesday is upon us! Where does the week go?

This week has definitely been very eventful in my life, and it is directly related to my blog. New and exciting things are happening due to my "A Letter to My Doctor" Post. That news will be shared at another time, but let me just say it is BIG and I am amazed!

So, what are my STGs this week?
Setbacks: I did not excercise. Not once. I am super ashamed of this. I really need to get on it. Even though it's really hard to work it in with watching Piper and Mike not getting home until 10:30pm, I realize I am just using those things as excuses. I'm being lazy and I need to stop it. When I got myself healthy a few years ago, I bought myself new running shoes and I made a committment to my shoes. That may sound weird, but it worked. I told my shoes I would put them on and use them every day, and I did. I dropped 30 pounds in six months. So, I think that is what I need to do again. I guess it's time to go shoe shopping. Darn!!

Triumphs: I have been really good with my food choices. I have been working on eating healthy foods that also fill me up. Breakfasts and lunches have been great successes. I've been making sure I focus on getting enough protein. Breakfast might be a multi-grain waffle with peanut butter or greek yogurt with berries. Lunch is often a salad with berries, turkey, and cheese, and some crackers on the side. Sometimes, I pack a low calorie soup. Dinner is harder, and that brings me to my goals for this week.

Goals: Obviously, my goal is to excercise. I need to get myself in a routine that gets me out and moving. I will get my four days in before next Wednesday. Another goal I have is to actually get myself in gear to meal plan. I already organized my pantry so I know exactly what I have. I need to organize a list of healthy meals for the week, shop for what's needed, and actually make those meals. No more, "I'm tired, let's order Chinese." I have a cache of recipes to use, I just need to use them. I am always open to more meal ideas, though, so if you have any, feel free to share!

How did you do this week? Have you joined our Facebook group yet? We are up 8 members from last week! It's great for daily support.   My Ipad is not letting me link to the group, but you can search for One Pink Balloon: Blogging Away the Boody!

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