Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kenley's Krew: A Charity Case

First of all, this blog post is inspired by and dedicated to my dear friend Tracey, who has been extremely diligent in helping to raise funds for us to cover our medical expenses through   She couldn't stand the fact that we would still have bills to pay after not being able to bring Kenley home, and so she started a fundraising page to help us out.  So far, over 44 people have donated various amounts to us, bringing the grand total to date to $2,709.   While our bills are still more than that, it is a huge burden off our shoulders, and we are eternally grateful to her efforts - and to all of the people who selflessly donated on our behalf.  In one of her recent updates, she mentioned that a foundation should be started to help families who have experienced loss to pay their bills.   I completely agree.  It is not fair to lose your child and then actually pay a hospital for the time you spent there.  After all, these families don't get to bring their baby home.  They don't get to hear their child's laughter.  They don't get to breathe in their wonderful baby scent.  They just get wheeled out of the doors, empty handed and broken hearted.  And then, they get to spend the next few weeks on pins and needles, anticipating the first dreaded bill.  The bill that twists the knife even deeper.  I actually received one of those bills today.  I opened the envelope, full well knowing what it was, but still feeling like I'd been punched in the face.  My daughter is dead, and yet the bills keep coming.  Fortunately for me, I have a wonderfully generous support system.  However, not everyone does.   Not everyone is as lucky as I am.   And some women and their babies have far more complications in the hospital, leading to a more prolonged ordeal and an even higher bill.   I don't know what I can really do to help these families, but I know I want to at least try.  So, here's how I want to start:

If you have any ideas of how to create a charity of this sort, how to manage it, how to get it off the ground, who to contact, where to start researching, etc., please leave me a comment at the end of this post.  Emails can be sent to  (Please do not comment on Facebook.  I only liked there today because I wanted to get this idea to as many people as possible)   All advice and assistance is welcome.  

Please share this post with anyone whom you think may be able to give me a hand in brainstorming or organizing ideas. (via facebook or any other means you think might help)  I don't know what this entails, or even if I have what it takes to make it happen, but it doesn't hurt to ask.   Thanks for your support! Maybe we will help just one local family.  Maybe more.  Who knows?  


  1. Hi Rebecca! I found this checklist and it looks like a good place to start:

    And this website looks like a government (free) service that has forms and tax advice:

    Ideas for fundraising could be a 5K and an online auction. People donate/make all sorts of things and people bid on them. The highest bidder wins! I'm with you Rebecca. Let me know how I can help.
    Alison Kerekes Roper

  2. Here is an online auction I recently donated items to to give you an idea. Perhaps you can e-mail the mom and ask for the insider scoop.
    I hope this helps.
    Alison Roper

  3. I have been fundraising since elementary school for various sports and activities. My parents have perfected the art of fundraising over the years with my brother and I and now with the Boy Scout troop they lead. Let me know when you are ready for ideas!

  4. Rebecca,
    I think that this is a great idea. The cost of medical bills can easily add an additional bump (or mountain) in the already tumultuous road of grieving. Knowing that someone out there wants to help, even in a small way will be appreciated by so many families I am sure.

    A women on a group I am apart of mentioned that she helped set up a charity 5K and they turned $250 into $8,000. She offered to talk to someone else about how they did it and if you are interested, I could ask her to talk to you too. That might be a bit further down the road though as you need to set up a 501(c)(3) to really get started. Just let me know when you are ready and I will do whatever I can to help.


  5. Mom and I talked to the bank when we were home. We first have to have a corporation made. Legal documents by a lawyer. Then you can open an account for the foundation. After that it's getting 501(c)3 status. I've got a few emails out to lawyer type people in Florida and other people I know who started foundations.
    Aunt Allison

  6. Rebecca, you know I am all over this. I appreciate that so many people have ideas. I will support in any way that I can. When we do get it started I would like to plan ahead for very large donations and make sure that we have the best tax benefits possible. We want as much money as possible going to the families themselves. I do not know a lot about fundraising, 501(c)(3), but I do know that this is a very worthy cause and I am really excited about helping other people. I also know that there are many, many, people in the area that I live that would contribute to such a cause. The fact that so many people know so much about this already is thrilling! Today when setting my career goals recording The Kenley Foundation as one of my career goals created a warm glow in my heart. Your sweet baby girl making a difference to so many. I've also thought that we should talk to Cherishing the Journey about how they got started.