Wednesday, February 10, 2016


We've all seen those photos....the ones snapped just seconds before disaster strikes.    The ones where the person in the photo has absolutely NO IDEA what's about to happen to them.   I'm sure you've scrolled through a Buzzfeed article or two containing photos like that.   Here are a few I'd like to share with you.  

Look at this cat about to be attacked by the cute little baby kitten.   We can see it happening already.   We know in less than half a second, the kitten will be on top of the cat and pandemonium will ensue.


And, this girl.   Looking into the camera, arms up.  She's thinking, "Hey, I am rocking this concert on my dude's shoulders right now."   She has no idea she's about to be clocked in the head with a cup of water, probably made up of about 80% backwash to boot. 

 "Oh yay!  What a fun day!   I think I'll  jump into the pool for a refreshing swim.   Might as well ham it up for the camera."   Hopefully, that wet concrete was kind to him and he didn't need any stitches or bones set later.

What's this fish thinking?   Probably not much because he's a fish...but you get the point.  The fish is just jumping out of the water without any idea he's hurdling himself straight for the jaws of death.  Poor little guy.    The Alligator looks pretty happy with himself though.  

I'll bet either his mother or his girlfriend is taking this picture, while the snowball was being chucked from a dad, a brother, or a best friend.   Thhhhunnnnnk.

Boy, is this going to hurt.   Maybe she somersaults just in time to land on her feet.   I hope so.  

Oh, this one is the worst.   This poor sap thinks she's having a baby soon.   She's at her baby shower and has gotten really great gifts.   This moment was captured just as she's shouting across the room at her friend who has the same toy for her kid.   Isn't it hilarious their kids will have the same stuff?

It's too bad she didn't know her baby was going to die.   Man, what a punch in the gut.     

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