Monday, March 23, 2015

The Mother of Stardust

I am the Mother of Stardust
I did not come here lightly
I have fallen into the abyss 
and clawed my way out
I have been buried miles beneath rock bottom
encased in an unfathomable darkness
I have seen hell
and deep
I am the Mother of Stardust
I see the world through jaded eyes
and have lost all innocence
I am not comforted with lies or promises 
of fairy tales
because I know too much of this world
I value each moment for what it is 
just like I am
I am the Mother of Stardust
I've held the universe in my arms
I have looked into the eyes of eternity
and have given it pieces of my heart
I have been broken down into an 
unrecognizable form
and have rebuilt myself 
from the bedrock 
of my broken soul
I have discovered that who I was 
and who I am 
are complete strangers
and who I am becoming
is the strongest one of all
I am the Mother of Stardust
My love extends in waves
past galaxies
past nebulas
beyond the dark
carried upon my dying breath 
into infinity

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