Kenley Around the World

Help me in remembering and honoring my daughter!   Write or create her name somewhere and take a picture.   Email your picture to and I'll post it here.  Please include your name and the location where the picture was taken.  Newest pictures will be posted from the top down.   Let's see how far my baby girl can travel!  

Chrissy, Springer Mountain, GA

Chrissy, R & A Orchards, Ellijay GA

Pamela, Amsterdam

Christy, Puyallup, WA

Shane, Seattle, WA

Jessica, University of Georgia graduation ceremony

Stacy, Texas

Chelsea, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Danielle, Dallas TX

Kayla, Bloomington, CA

Cyndy, Inland Sea, Qatar

Frank and Ashley, Arabian Persian Gulf

Ariel and Patrick, Cappadocia, Turkey

Daniel, Pilansesberg National Park, South Africa

Daniel, Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa

Tricia, Whales, MI

Josie, off the coast of Dubai

Cara, Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans LA

Cara, Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans, LA

John, London, England

Heather, Palm City, FL

Julie, Coquina Beach, FL

Joe (Kenley's Papa), The Masters Golf Course, Augusta GA

Katie, Fort Myers, FL

Janet D, Northern Jubilee Theater, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Zoe, Fort Collins, CO

Caitlyn, Keller, TX
Lori, Key West, FL
Fushia, Pensacola Beach, FL
Joe, Albuquerque, NM
The Brooker Family, The Red Sea off the Farasan Banks, Saudia Arabia

The Bakken Family, Petra, Jordan

Jeff, Tracey, Amanda, and Matthew, Seattle, WA
The Stoke Family, Guam, USA
Christie, Anchorage, AK
Torie, Tracy, Emma, and Caroline, Cocoa Beach, FL
Kelly, Boston, MA
Veronica and Don, Maine
Laura, Charleston, SC
Nancy, Port St John, FL

Leslie, Vero Beach, FL
Loren and Bill, Orlando, FL
Jamie, Medulla, FL
Danica and Melinda, West Palm Beach, FL

Cris, Atlanta, GA

Emma, Lakeland, FL
Amy, Pine Ridge, SC
Shandy, Macie, and Tristin, White Moutains, NH
Sylvia, Panama City Beach, FL
Christina and Luis, New York City, NY

Wendy D, Viera FL
Wendy A, Carlsbad, NM
Lisa-Michelle, New York City, NY

Kristen and Lindsey, Jebel Akadar, Oman

Bob (Kenley's Grandpa), Vero Beach, FL
Renee, Universe, Space
Leslie, Dublin, Ireland
Larae, Merritt Island, FL

Gina, Clermont, FL

Linda (Kenley's Nana) Vero Beach, FL
Robin, Merritt Island, FL
Kelly, Port St John, FL

Tracey, Brackett's Landing Beach, Edmonds, WA
Alice, Louisiana

Angela, Virginia Beach, VA

Emma, Horley, Surrey, UK

Rachel, Harderwijk, Netherlands

Tina, Wilton, NY

Catherine, Islamadora, FL
Aunt Allison, Radford, VA
Andrea, Sebastian, FL

Jennifer, Quarryville, PA

Lily, Kileen, TX
Jen, Orlando, FL
Katie, Jay, and Kenneth, Sebastian, FL
Liesle and Aislinn, Jacksonville, FL

Kevin, Angie, Kaleb, and Harper, New Orleans, LA

Stact, Myrtle Beach, SC
Elizabeth, Milford, OH

Sabrina, Cocoa, FL
Beth, Indialantic, FL


Jennifer, Port St Lucie, FL

Jason, Rancho Cuacamonga, CA
Erin, Lumberton, NJ
Andy, Titusville, FL
Courtney, Browns Mills, NJ
Brenda, San Antonio, TX
Holly, Hamilton, OH
Yosef, Big Bear, CA
Pamela, Travis AFB, CA
Jaclyn, Merritt Island, FL
April, 38th floor of Empire Stat Building, NYC
Melissa, Portland, OR
Kenisha, Freeport, Bahamas
Kris and Chris, New Hampshire
Julie, Crescent Beach, FL
Susie, Merritt Island, FL
Amanda, Orlando, FL
Amy, Titusville, FL
Jeanee, Merritt Island, FL
Tracy, Venice Beach, FL
Elizabeth, Fort Meyers, FL
Naomi and Tim, Port St John, FL
Anna, Gatlinburg, TN
Alicia, Lincoln, NE
Kristie, Noord-Brabant, Holland
Charrada and Kaeleigh, Canaveral Groves, FL
Crystal, Titusville, FL
Paula, Sterling, VA


  1. This is one of the best ideas I have seen as a memoral tribute ever! This idea needs to spread!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful... I'm going to have to think really hard to top some of these!!

  3. Everytime I visit this page, Kenley has been remembered at more great places near and far! So much love! :-)

  4. Everytime I visit this page, Kenley has been remembered at more great places near and far! So much love! :-)

  5. This is wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes to see how far Kenley has traveled. I must add a Maine picture soon!

  6. This is amazing. I had hear of this page, but never had the strength and courage to read it until now. I lost my daughter the same way in february of 2007. And today i am grateful i came to this page. With love and understanding. In Tampa, fl<3


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